Technical Specifications

  • Elements are porter parts in spaceframe that are attached to the conical at both ends by MAG and MIG machines and guard gas and mixed gas (Argon and CO2) and welding with Rectifier machine.
  • CK45 Orbs in shape of ball or multi-dimensional are manufactured with Forging method.
  • Bolts used in elements have 10.9 and 8.8 grade which have passed tensional tests.
  • All structure components are colored with Furnace color, Zink chromate ester or have been galvanized.
  • Regulation #400 Iran and 6th chapter of national building regulation are applied and the worst situation of live and dead load and earthquake are considered.
  • ASIC Regulation and article 74 of BPO are applied to Analyze and design.
  • Regulation 2800 is considered for earthquake.
  • SAP2000 Software is used for structure analysis.
  • Designing is based on BPO ASCI Regulation.
  • Pipes are based on BS1387 standard.
  • Prlyns are covered with Zink chromate ester or are galvanized.

Considering the rules of Regulation, this company is using SAP2000 software for analysis and DESIGN software for designing. All Specific features of a spaceframe such as welding capacity, bolte, elements thinness and Pods and plates bruise are considered.