Spaceframe background

As the oldest example for the Spaceframe structures, scaffolds being used by primitives to setup the tents can be mentioned. Oldest primitives’ tents were found in some areas of ancient China some years ago. Usage of the reticular and 3D structures in ancient Rome and ancient Iran and also Iran of Safavie period in the construction of conference halls, amphitheaters, castles. Islamic mosques, holy shrines, etc. are remarkable.

First multi-layered grid was made by Alexander Graham Bell in 1906 for flying kite. In this net, parts length was equal and attachments were simple. He is the first engineer who showed that it is possible to build light and rigid structures by placing the building parts together properly about 90 years ago. Principled design and Practical and developed usage of Spaceframe structures has been spread since 1950. Structural engineers for the good behavior and architects for the beauty and singularity in geometry are attracted to this kind of structures and have begun deep researches on real behavior of these structures, optimized structure usage and designing these systems.