spaceframe structures features


Designing the structure in this system is so beautiful that the structure remains steady in so many projects. This system is used Even in Building facade.

It is possible to sync spaceframe structure with another constructing operation without any conflict.

Passing the components within the structure

The Space between the layers makes passing the electrical and mechanical components which should be spread across the hall possible. these installations are not much in view, easily attached to each other and to other attachments like banners … in all of its surface.

Installation without welding

Thanks to pre-made components and bolted design, no welding operation is needed for assembling.


Despite the appearance, these structures are so light that are usually preferred in contrast to other structures in equal circumstances.


Using different computer software and also software made by expertise in this company in designing level and using automatic and semi-automatic machines in producing level and having several methods of constructing, makes the whole process as fast as possible.

Low priced in big apertures

Having the lower price in contrast to other structure systems, spatially in halls with big apertures, this system is the only choice with reasonable price considering its other benefits.

Ability to assemble and disassemble

As the parts are not welded and the whole attachments are bolted, so the entire structure can be disassembled and be assembled in another place with tiniest change possible.

Constructing parts in factory

Manufacturing the structure parts in the factory would bring a precise quality and this accuracy effects the whole structure.

سازه تدبیران

Changing the space after assembling

With the unique feature of assembling, the entire structure can be increased or decreased in every dimension and in shape. This is a fibulas feature for commercial or industrial halls to epand their space whenever they want. No other structure has this ability.

High safety

bolted design, easy quality controlling of parts and attachments and pre-made factory manufactured parts are the reasons that makes the structure so safe.

Creating horizontal roof in internal space

Creating an internal roof in halls is another great feature of spaceframe structures that in addition to beauty, saves the energy of heat and cooling systems in contrast to niches.